Group 2: Middle Pairs and Triple Raise from Player in Third Position

Part 2. If You Have Middle Pairs and Threefold Raise from Third Position Player

In late (sixth) position or on the button you wouldn’t like to make a raise three times higher than the big blind. Your bet in this case is more likely to be interpreted as trying to steal the pot and less likely as a bet simply to increase the pot, and you’d like to stimulate bargaining because hands calling in response will be a little weaker than usually. In this situation you’d like to limp more than usual as well especially if you have noticed that the big blind player aggressively protects his bet by raises. Let him try and kick you out of the game.

JJ, TT, 99

In early position with these hands you should use mixed strategy of raising and calling. I prefer the combination of 70% raises and 30% calls. And when you make a raise, it must be bigger than a raise you would make with premium pairs, because you’d like to win right now. Though probably they are the best hands at the table at the moment, these cards become difficult to play when they get call in response and overcard appears on the board. I’d like to make raises four or even five times higher than the big blind with these hands.

In middle position you prefer to raise aggressively with these three hands especially in fourth or fifth position. (In third position you should be a little more conservative.) Think of them as premium hands and make raises 3-5 times higher than the big blind. However, unlike premium hands you must not be limping with these cards. Since these cards become so weak high cards come on the flop you can’t allow players with pictures enter the pot after you by limping.

In sixth position or on the button you still prefer to raise with these hands but now you afford to add more cards to this combination. Keep on raising 3-5 times higher than the big blind but make 75% of raises and 25% of calls.